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About our

Unleashing God's transformative power through diverse ministries, making a lasting impact in the lives of individuals and communities.

How we give back to communities.

Welcome to our diverse array of ministries, each dedicated to unleashing God's transformative power and making a lasting impact in the lives of individuals and communities.

We are committed to bringing God's light into the darkest places.

Together, through these ministries, we strive to bring God's love, restoration, and empowerment to every life we touch.

Prison Ministry.

Orphan Ministry.

Homeless Ministry.

Offering hope, redemption, and support to those incarcerated, guiding them towards spiritual transformation and a renewed sense of purpose.

Extending love, care, and support to vulnerable children, providing them with a nurturing environment and helping them find a sense of belonging and hope for the future.

Education Ministry in Chaplaincy.

Addiction Ministry.

Showing compassion and providing practical aid to those experiencing homelessness, offering support and a pathway toward stability and restoration.

Prayer Ministry.

Equipping individuals with knowledge, guiding them spiritually, and fostering personal growth through educational programs and compassionate chaplaincy services.

Offering a compassionate and supportive space for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol dependencies, guiding them towards healing and spiritual transformation through God's love and care.

Devoted to the power of prayer, interceding faithfully for individuals, communities, and the world, ushering in God's presence and transformation.

Logistic Ministry.

Ensures the smooth coordination and support necessary to effectively serve those in need, enabling effective service delivery and maximizing impact in our mission to serve others.

What we have done.

Want to serve with Blessings from Heaven Fnd and 
American Red Cross...

we have joined forces from Martin County to Key West to help the community church in disaster zones. We are called as chaplains to serve and bring spiritual comfort amidst chaos, offering unwavering support and helping those affected find strength in adversity.

Giving Back!

Giving away from what God's has given to you!

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